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5 Tips To Help Pets Beat The Summer Heat

The sun has finally got his hat on! While we sun starved humans can’t get enough of it, how does the heat affect your pet? And are there things you need to do to keep your animals happy and healthy in the summer?

This week we’re sharing our top tips with you so that all the members of your family can enjoy the (possibly short lived!) British Summertime!

1. It sounds obvious, but make sure your pet stays hydrated. Make a mental note to check and top up their water bowl more frequently then you usually do. If you are going out for walks in the park, then be sure to take a little bowl and water with you for your dog.

2. Make sure your pet has access to shade during the day. If you have a garden or a light bright house, create a shady space for your animals. Get creative with blankets, umbrellas, boxes - anything pet safe that you have to hand!

3. When you walk your dog (or cat!) be sure to take them out in the early morning or later at night, when the temperature is lower. Pavements can hold a lot of heat, and this is the easiest way to avoid sore or burnt paws.

4. You know that amazing feeling when you are so hot that you think you might actually melt, and then someone gives you a cold drink with ice in it?! You can do something similar for your pet. For cats and dogs, create something cool that your pet can lie on. You can wet a small towel that will stay cool, or cool down a big tray or pan in the fridge- something that your pet can lie on. You can even add larger ice blocks to your pet’s water bowl. 5. Never ever leave your animals in a vehicle. People are becoming more aware of this, but every year there are horrible news stories about animals who have suffered this fate. Left in a hot car or van, animals are cooked (literally) in as little as 6 minutes. Even taking sensible measures like parking in the shade, or leaving the windows ajar are not enough to counteract outside temperatures, as vehicles retain heat.

Signs of heat stroke can include: panting, dehydration, excessive body temperature, rapid heart rate, small or no amounts of urine. If you are worried that your pet is suffering with heat stroke, here are some steps you can take until you can bring them into see us.

Cool them down. You can do this by wrapping a cold damp towel around them, immersing them in cold (not icy) water, or spraying them with cold water with a hose or shower.

If your pet can drink, give them access to a big bowl of water.

Try to keep your pet aerated. Make sure they can feel the flow of air on them, cooling them down. If you have a fan, you can aim that at them or use air conditioning while you bring your pet in to see us. You can fan them, or use a spray bottle to help keep them cool on route.

Wishing you a happy healthy summer from all of us at Roundwood Vets!

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