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We understand that growth is the vehicle for a better future for pets and people.

We identify and take on new challenges, learning from our mistakes.

We encourage, support and celebrate the learning process in others.


Kenzie's Story

Kenzie joined the Roundwoods family in November 2020 as a VCA, and her journey has been nothing short of incredible! Sponsored by the practice, she dove into the CAW Apprentice Scheme for Veterinary Nursing, turning the intensive day release course into her 24/7 passion. Guess what? She nailed it and officially qualified in 2023!

Post-qualification, Kenzie seamlessly transitioned into the role of Head Veterinary Nurse. Her leadership skills have blossomed, and she's been steering the nursing team with remarkable growth and finesse.

But wait, there's more! Kenzie didn't stop there. She also earned her stripes as a Clinical Coach, now molding and shaping the future Registered Veterinary Nurses by training the next generation of Student Nurses. Go, Kenzie! 

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