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We complete tasks thoroughly, and to a high standard because we care about what we do, rather than for recognition or reward.

When we take ownership of a job, we do it right because we know that our work impacts the team and practice.

We work proactively to prevent problems, rather than only waiting to fix it when things go wrong.


Elena's Story

Elena, brings a blend of Australian warmth and extensive expertise to Roundwood. Her conscientious approach to every aspect of her role as a veterinary nurse makes her a cherished member of our team and a superhero in the eyes of our furry patients.


Elena’s dedication to providing the best possible care is evident in everything she does. From meticulously preparing for surgeries to ensuring each pet receives the comforting snuggles they need, her attention to detail and deep compassion set a high standard of care. Her conscientious nature extends beyond clinical skills; she treats each pet with the same love and attentiveness she would her own.


Elena's role at our clinic goes beyond that of a typical veterinary nurse. She is a guardian of animal welfare, a source of comfort for pets in need, and a role model for conscientious care. Her impact on our practice and the well-being of our furry friends is profound and deeply appreciated.

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