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We support, celebrate and commiserate as a team.

We are diverse and inclusive, celebrating each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

We communicate clearly with our teammates so everyone knows what’s going on and can do a great job.

We say what needs to be said to the person who needs to hear it. We never gossip.


Orla's Story

Since joining the team at Roundwood Vets in March 2021 as the Client Care Coordinator, Orla has become the embodiment of fun in our team. Her role, often being the first point of contact for clients, is much more than just a welcoming voice or a friendly face; Orla is the heart of our clinic's cheerful atmosphere.


Orla has a unique talent for finding fun in everyday tasks, making even routine visits a pleasant encounter for our clients and their pets. Her ability to bring a smile to everyone's face, even on the cloudiest of days, is a testament to her naturally joyful disposition. Orla's presence is like a ray of sunshine, brightening up the environment for both the staff and the clients.


Orla's contribution to Roundwood Veterinary Clinic is a beautiful blend of professionalism and playfulness, proving that fun and work are not mutually exclusive but rather a perfect pair for a fulfilling work environment.

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