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Our Stories Of Success

Hidden abscess lurking beneath

This was a very interesting case because it took an eagle eye from our vets to know there was any issue at all. But the Xrays showed the extent of the problem. Once treated, our patient made  full recovery with no more pain!

Invisible holes causing pain

A case of a cat with a painful mouth when everything seemed normal to the owner. This is a very common problem with cats in particular and each day we see cats in for vaccinations that have had painful teeth - sometimes for years. Yet they seem normal.

Loki's Low Stress Vet Visits

Some pets get really stressed out when they come have to visit the vet, which makes it stressful for them, you and us. We try to do things differently so everyone has a better visit. Check out this video on how we manage to keep lovely Loki calm when he would normally get the jitters every time a vet goes near him. 

Sheba Has A Toothache - Dr Hannah Investigates

Dr Hannah finds a serious dental condition when Sheba's owner bring her to Roundwood Vets for a check up. Can she find out what's wrong and can she fix the problem? Find out in this video case study.

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