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Roundwood Vets are a full-service veterinary clinic which means we assess, diagnose and treat the vast majority of medical, dental and surgical conditions that your pet may suffer from. Please read below to learn more about the technologies and services we use to help diagnose and heal your pet when injury or illness strike.


Xray & Ultrasound

At Roundwood Vet, we have invested in the best imaging equipment and training.


Xrays are useful for diagnosing many illnesses from limping dogs to breathless cats. And ultrasound can help us to look painlessly into the chest or tummy of your pet which can be an invaluable tool in helping your vet to figure out what's going on when your pet gets sick. 

All of which allows us to make a faster more accurate diagnosis with the minimum of fuss for your pet.


Though we always try to avoid it, there are times when we have to operate on a pet. This can be to prevent disease like when we find a small growth that needs to be removed. But it can also be to save the life of a pet, for example when they eat something silly and their guts become blocked. 

Our surgeons are capable of a wide range of general surgical procedures and we have partnerships with more specialised surgeons for the jobs that need a little extra care. Plus our pain management programs are second to none so your pet will be comfortable following their procedure. ​ From cancer to fracture, we've got you covered. 

Laboratory Testing

We have an on-site diagnostic laboratory so we can perform many screens and tests without delay. This leads to fewer visits to the practice for you, faster diagnosis and earlier treatments.


We offer microscopy, blood analysis and many other tests.


We also have a network of partner laboratories with which we work to send samples externally for things that we cannot test at Roundwood Vets. And our patient records integrate with our external reference laboratory, so we get results back fast.



When your pet needs surgery then we'll need to perform an anaesthetic to make sure they are comfortable and still during their operation.


Many pet owners get nervous about the risks of anaesthesia. And while we can't tell you there is no risk, what we can say is that we have invested in the best equipment and developed a safe procedure, plus we train and talk about anaesthesia more than any other subject so we stay up to date with modern practice.


If your pet requires an anaesthetic then please ask out vets for more details on how we manage and minimise risk and improve anaesthesia care. ​

Pharmacy & Dispensing Medicines

Roundwood Vets are fully licensed to prescribe and dispense a wide range of pet medications to manage and treat your pet's illnesses or injuries.


For your convenience and so your pet receives the medications it requires to return to health without delay we hold a wide range of medicines, suppliments and nutritional products in stock.


You can order your repeat prescriptions online or via the phone. Many of the medicines we use require a veterinary examination before they can be dispensed.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a new treatment technique that can be used to control pain and swelling without the need for drugs.


The photon energy beam delivers high-intensity light deep into inflamed or damaged tissues resulting in a reduction in pain and swelling. Plus an increase in healing activity.


It is especially effective for back pain, hip pain, arthritis, muscle cramps, open wounds, ear infections, hot spots and abscess healing.


Treatments are entirely pain-free and can be performed in a regular consultation. In fact, most of our patients love the gentle warming effect that laser therapy has and look forward to their treatment.

Hospitalisation & Inpatient Care

Most of our work can be done on a day patient basis and our team of dedicated veterinary nurses will take exceptional care of your pet while they visit us.


Our nurses are responsible for administering medications, meals, comfort stops to go to the bathroom and, of course, lots of cuddles.


Some cases require a little more support though so we have warm beds to keep any pets that require an overnight stay with us snug and safe.

House Calls

If you cannot get your pet to the practice for any reason, or your pet prefers a house call, then we can arrange a house visit.


House visits can be arranged for pets that are unwell, vaccinations and they are especially good for hospice or end of life care appointments.


In the event that a pet requires medications or transfer to the practice, we can also arrange for this to happen.


To book a house call please call our client care team.

To contact us about any of our veterinary clinical services, then please use this form or call on 02084594729.

Call 020 8459 4729 to know more about our services

We are a full service veterinary practice and are happy to discuss your pet's problem at any point. Please call us for a confidential discussion about any aspect of your pet's wellbeing.

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