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We’re honest about our ability to do our work, the standard we can provide, the cost, and when we can deliver it.

We admit and own our mistakes, moving forward with no judgment or blame from the team.

We give feedback to our colleagues, never to tear others down, but to help everyone get better.


Jo's Story

Dr. Jo, our Head Vet and Medical Director, has been the guiding force at our clinic for several years, bringing her extensive experience from various independent practices across the UK and Europe. More than just a skilled veterinarian, Jo is the captain of our ship, leading with expertise and honesty.


Jo’s approach to veterinary care is deeply rooted in honesty, ensuring pet owners are well-informed and involved in the care of their furry family members. Whether discussing treatment plans with pet owners or guiding our team through complex cases, she has always emphasised the importance of clear, honest communication. Her mentorship has been pivotal in shaping a team that values honesty just as much as veterinary excellence.


As a leader, Jo's commitment to honesty has been instrumental in maintaining high standards of veterinary care at our clinic. Her journey with us is a reminder that honesty is not just a virtue but a cornerstone for compassionate and effective veterinary practice.

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