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Getting a new puppy or kitten is one of the best experiences in life. But it's so important to be well educated so you know how to care for your new family member. 


This is the home of all of our information to help you get your new puppy and kitten off to a flying start in life. You'll find ebooks, email courses, discount vouchers and lots lots more so click on the links below to get educated about how to be the best pet owner possible.

So you got a new puppy huh? That's awesome. At Roundwood Vets we love puppies and want to make sure we help you get off to the best possible start with yours. So we've put together some resources which you may have free access to so you can educate yourself to become a great puppy owner. 

If you are a kitten lover, then this is the place for you. Click below for detailed information on how to care for your new pet. You'll find great advice on home care, pet food, parasite control and much much more.
Click for free access to this advice from our vets

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