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Three Easy Ways To Keep Your Pet's Teeth Healthy

We know that to keep our teeth and gums healthy, we need to brush our teeth twice a day, as well as using floss, mouthwash and a whole other array of dental care products. But what can you do to help your pet with their teeth?

Gone are the days of thinking that pet’s don’t get dental problems and more and more people are waking up to the fact that a pet with healthy teeth will live a longer, happier and healthier life. (Years longer.) So what’s the best way to help your pet have a sparkly smile?

Step 1: Building a daily cleaning regime. Regular cleaning helps to prevent the build-up of plaque. If plaque builds up, it will cause problems such as gum disease and tartar accumulation which leads to tooth loss. (Bad breath is a classic way to tell if your poet has an issue).

The trick is to use bribes and be patient. It is perfectly possible to turn toothbrushing into a bonding activity for you and your pet.

Try to stay calm and relaxed yourself or your pet might think there’s something to be concerned about! Stroke their cheek near the mouth so they get used to your hand being there. Give them treats every time they let you do something with their mouth. Your pet lets you flip up their lip - give a treat. Your pet lets you rub their gums - give them a treat. They accept a tiny bit of brushing - instantly give them a treat.

With this combination of bribery and perseverance, you can have almost any dog accepting a toothbrush within few hours. Often within a few minutes.

But do go at their pace. And don’t push too far in one sitting.

Let your pet take their time - let them smell the toothbrush, smell the toothpaste and gradually work your way up to brushing.

Please note: human toothpaste is bad for pets so ensure you use an approved safe toothpaste. You can pick up pet-safe toothpaste and toothbrushes from the Reception here at Roundwood Vets.

Step 2: Use a dental diet - we love Hill's T/D or Vet Essentials. This is especially good advice for cats who don’t generally respond as well top bribery as dogs. The Hill’s T/D dental diet is simply awesome at cleaning teeth. Our vets recommend it and feed it to their cats, so it’s harder to give it a better endorsement!

Step 3: Check your furry friend’s mouth regularly for warning signs- bad breath, a build-up of plaque where the teeth turn dark yellow or brown, inflamed or tender looking gums to name a few of the most common. Any worries or concerns, book your pet in for one of our free dental check-ups. Dental check-ups can feel like a bit of a hassle (for humans and pets alike!) but looking after your pet’s teeth can save you money and even save their life. Not keeping on top of it may very well mean painful times and significant costs in the long run.

We also offer London’s best value dental cleaning with a complete oral health assessment including X-rays, photos and cleaning, plus a report for just £150.

To take advantage of our free dental checkup just call us today on 020 8459 4729.

We’re here for any concerns you may have. We want you all to have happy healthy pets, and happy healthy pets need happy healthy mouths!

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