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Meet The Team - Dr Jo

Introducing Dr Jo, our Head Vet and Medical Director here at Roundwoods.

Dr. Jo has worked for many years in a range of independent practices both in the UK and Europe so is a fabulous vet with a wealth of experience. Dr Jo is also a great leader for our team - the Captain steering our ship! She is passionate about preventative healthcare and working to keep your pets healthy and finding the best solutions to help them when they get ill.

As a dedicated leader, Dr Jo is always looking at how our team and service can improve and provide a high standard of veterinary care.

Let's meet her…

“I’m Jo, I'm the Medical Director here. I've been at Roundwood for just over two years.

My role as a Medical Director is to help shape the practice into a wonderful place to work and visit. I really enjoy helping the team plan their growth and training and love that I still have lots of time in the clinic to see patients.

I’m proud of the fantastic team we have built and the policies we instilled, especially over the covid period, minimising stress for all our clients and patients visiting. We are always thinking about ways we can improve our standards of care for clients and pets.

I enjoy working with the team, they’re all a really good bunch, they are all really invested and highly skilled and they are investing in making the practice as fear free and friendly as possible”.

At home, Jo has two very chatty and noisy guinea pigs, lovingly named Speckles and Bullseye (by her children), as well as Rona, a rescued kitten who was found in a canal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out more about Rona’s story and how the team at Roundwood saved her here.


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