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Opening Hours & Service Updates

Following advice from our professional bodies and the government, and in order to ensure we can operate an effective service for your pets, keep the team healthy and be a responsible part of our local community, we've now moved to an urgent care only footing with immediate effect.

During this temporary change, you should call us as normal and we will assess your pet's need over the phone.

We will most likely recommend one of the following:

1. If there is a problem that requires urgent care we will advise you on the arrangements for coming to the practice and dropping your pet off. This will most likely be as soon as possible.

2. In cases that are unwell, but not an emergency we will provide a telehealth consultation with a vet over the phone or the zoom teleconference platform.

3. If your pet is under treatment at present then we will also be continuing that treatment, but there will be some changes to the way we handle you and your pet.

4. If your pet needs non-urgent problem - like it's annual vaccine and health check-up is due, then please call and we will schedule your appointment for 2 months time. Please do not delay getting this into our work schedule as we anticipate it getting very congested when things get back to normal. Our new opening hours are: 8:30am - 6:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. 9-1pm Wednesday & Saturday. - We will close in the afternoon for both of these times to allow a deep cleaning to happen.

Thank you for your patience at this time. If you are at all unsure, our message is we are open, we are here for you, call us and we'll keep you right. :)

In order to help you, we've also produced a little infographic to show what constitutes an emergency. If in any doubt, please call.

Our number is 02084594729. Be safe everyone. Dr Dave Nicol

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