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Can pets get or give me corona-virus and other questions?

What should I do if I'm self-isolating and my pet gets sick? These are some of the questions on the lips of pet owners at the moment. So let's crush the fake news with some good science-backed common sense. Q1. Can you infect your pet if you get coronavirus? A. No, at this time there are no confirmed reports that any animals have developed symptoms of the disease from contact with infected people. It is theoretically possible for you to contaminate your pet though. ie if you are infected and cough on your pet, that if another human handles your pet then they could pick the contamination up. But this is not the same as your pet carrying the infection. Q2. Can I catch coronavirus from my pet? A. No, you cannot catch COVID19 coronavirus as your pet is not affected by this particular virus. If your pet were to have come into close contact with someone who had COVID19 and they coughed on them or petted them, then you might, in theory, be able to pick the virus up. Q3. How do I keep me and my pet safe? A. Your pet is not at any risk. But if you have coronavirus then you should self isolate and your pet can keep you company. Walk your dog in the yard or get extra puppy training pads for your balcony or bathroom (somewhere you can clean easily) so they can have a place to toilet if you live in a flat. For cat owners making sure you have extra cat litter and food - enough to last 2 weeks is a far smarter thing to do than buy a years supply of human toilet paper - which is just madness. Q4. What do I do if my pet is unwell and I am self-isolating or unwell? A. Call us on 020 8459 4729 and we will arrange a remote consultation where we can perform a video call or a telephone call where you do not need to leave your home to assess your pet's condition and make a plan. We will advise you further on next steps if any need to be taken. We hope this information is useful and helps you as we progress through this temporary crisis. We'll be operating as normal a service as possible subject to any of our team getting ill or advice from Public Health England. Stay safe people. Dr Dave and the team at Roundwood Vets.

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