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How To Have A Happy Cat

We love our cats, and with very good reason. Cats have been scientifically proven to be good for you- they lower the risk of heart disease, their purring helps heal bones, muscles and tendons, AND they increase your pulling power. I could go on! Cats and their ways are hilarious- their independent streak has led to articles such as this one. But there are reasons why our cats might actually not be very happy with us. Here are some of the problems many cats are experiencing today and what you can do about it. Over Socialisation There’s a lot of information out there about socialising your cat, how to befriend shy/ grumpy/ mean cats, how to socialise your kitten… and all this is great, it really is. But it is a reason why your cat might hate you! Cats historically have not been domesticated by humans. They think they run the show. And just as we all have a couple of humans in our lives that really need their own space, we may also have a cat like that. So don’t worry about giving your cat some space. They’ll come and find you when they want to be stroked! Routine Change Change can be stressful for our felines as well as ourselves. This could make your cat feel anxious, and this anxiety can manifest in many ways; aggression, a difference in personality, or naughtily going to the toilet on your carpet rather than in the litter tray! Make sure your cat knows you love them. Find time to play with them or time where they can be the apple of your eye. Lots of changes can be positive and exciting- a new baby, a house move, a new job, but in the same way that all of this affects you, it will also affect your moggy. If you have a very nervy kitty, you could even try and change things that affect them directly in a gradual way. Give them time to adjust. Make sure they feel like part of your family. Boredom So much of this article applies to humans too! Boredom could be a reason for a cat not being very happy with you. Ever seen that gang of teenagers hanging out at the leisure centre, looking bored, smoking, drinking and graffiti-ing? The cat equivalent could be shredding your favourite blanket, destroying your toilet rolls, over-grooming and even overeating. Cats can be super clever, so find ways to engage them. Enhance the environment they live in with a tall cat tree near a window. Supply them with your offcast Amazon packaging. Make your cat a treasure hunt or try doing clicker training. New and different toys to engage with can also make a big difference, and you don’t have to keep buying toys- just switch them around! Indoor Cats There are lots of very content indoor cats. But cats are by their very nature, hunters and stalkers. So if you have indoor cats, here are some things you can do to raise their level of happy. Keep a clean house. Cats like a nice clean litter box, and environment. Bring the outside into them- try planting cat grass in pots indoors for your cat to play with and/or destroy! Find toys and play games that involve your cat stalking and hunting. Even consider cat- proofing part of your garden for their pleasure, or maybe even taking them out for a walk on a lead. So there we are. Be creative. Love your cat and their needs. We’re not so very different from them after all! Happy cats = happy life!

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