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Pets Crazy Antics at Christmas Time

We love our pets so much. But there’s no denying they can be a real handful at times! And maybe it’s the pressure of the festive season, but they seem to get up to even more mischief!

Here’s some of the crazy facts about pets and Christmas time. Enjoy!

Issues With Decorations

Pets seem to love everything about decorations, apart from letting them serve their purpose - to decorate! 33% of pet owners report their pet has knocked down decorations, 17% report pets eating their decorations and 12% report pets ruining decorations. Oh dear!

Christmas Tree Problems

A quarter of pet owners surveyed said that their pet had knocked down their Christmas tree! And 16% reported their pets urinating on the tree. If you’re worried about this, maybe leave it until the last minute to put the presents out.


I’m sure you will all be *very* surprised to hear that one of the areas of Christmas challenge comes in the form of food…! 6% of pets have eaten a present or part of it. 7% of pets have eaten parts of the Christmas dinner, and 7% have snacked on the turkey!

On a more serious note, 7% of pets have eaten Christmas chocolate. We all know that human chocolate can be very dangerous for our animals, so remember to put tempting treats back into cupboards, or up on high shelves to help your pet stay safe.

And finally, some shocking news. Did you know that the most mischevious pets live In London?! Pets that live in London are more likely to pull the tree down than pets living in any other region.

As we get excited about the run up to Christmas, so do our pets! Our houses are filled with new smells, sights, and packages. Your house turns into a playground for your pet. So bear this in mind to avoid any unwanted trips in to come and see us!

Wishing you and your pets a very happy Christmas from all of us at Roundwood!

Our Christmas opening times are listed below for you.

Thursday 20th December 8.30 - 18.00

Monday 24th December 8.30 - 17.00

Closed for Christmas Day and Boxing Day

27th & 28th December: 8.30 - 20.00

Saturday 29th December: 9.00 - 13.00

Closed Sunday 30th December

Monday 31st December 8.30 - 18.00

Closed Tuesday 1st January

Wednesday 2nd January 8.30 - 20.00

If you have any concerns about your pet, you can contact us today on 020 8459 4729.

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