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5 Painful Pet Problems Your Vet Can Treat With Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a relatively new treatment for pets in Britain, but its benefits are undeniable. This painless, drug-free, side-effect free treatment has helped thousands of pets with pain become more mobile, heal and live happier healthier lives around the world. And it's now available at Roundwood Vets too!

Here are the top five best responding treatments to laser therapy.

1. Back Pain

Back pain is rife in old dogs, especially bulldogs, boxers, dachshunds and many big breeds like labradors. Symptoms include reluctance to go for walks, not wanting to jump into the car, and slowness or stiffness to get out of bed. Laser therapy works by releasing muscle cramps and tension around inflamed discs and reduction of inflammation in the affected area. Courses last anything from two weeks and can be delivered monthly to improve mobility and ease pain.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis affects virtually all animals over the age of 8 but is especially prevalent in larger breed dogs. This debilitating disease causes pets to slow down, lick affected joints, become unable to take longer walks, lameness and stiffness getting out of bed. Laser therapy works to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints allowing increased mobility and reduced pain. Treatment courses usually take two weeks and can be topped up as required.

3. Ear Infection

Ear infections are frequently caused by allergies or bacteria and can drive pets wild with pain. Symptoms include scratching, redness and heat in the ear, shaking the head often incessantly but can be more subtle as well, including a bad smell from the ear or brown discharge. Laser therapy works by increasing blood flow to the area to bring more healing cells while removing the inflammatory chemicals that cause pain. Results can be remarkable with an immediate reduction in redness and pain post-treatment in many animals. Treatments typically last for two weeks. If animals are prone to recurrent bouts, top-ups can be administered as required.

4. Hot Spots (Acute Moist Dermatitis)

Hot spots are frequent summer problems for dogs. They are caused when a dog over grooms an area due to infection, causing massive damage with redness, swelling and extreme irritation of the affected area. The laser works the same way as the treatment for ear infections with therapy providing immediate benefits, including a reduction in pain, redness and heat. Laser therapy also significantly reduces the treatment time of standard treatment, sometimes by as much as 50%. Three or four sessions are usually satisfactory to bring about a resolution of the condition.

5. Skin Wounds

Skin wounds received from car injuries, fighting with other animals or surgery heal faster when a therapeutic laser is used with a reduction in pain and swelling. It increases the blood flow and sends healing cells to the area, vastly improving your pets healing time. Multiple sessions can be required in some cases.

So, those are our top five conditions but any condition can benefit where inflammation is a significant part of the problems will respond well to laser therapy.

Roundwood Vets are one of the only practices in London to use this treatment as a standard part of our pain management procedures and are delighted to be pioneers in this pain-free, drug-free effective treatment for pets.

If you would like to discuss laser therapy for your pet, or book in to have your pet's condition assessed, please call 020 8459 4729 to speak to one of our team.

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