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Pets And Kids: A Good Idea?

At Roundwood, we all know how much joy pets can bring into your life. But are pets and kids a good idea? We think so!

Dog ownership can bring unforgettable memories, and a lot of love into your life. But having dogs can also help teach your children important life lessons as well.


Dogs are excellent at sensing shifts in our moods, and are unconditionally loving. Having doggie empathy in your household is such a good example for your children. In families where there is autism, dogs have been proven to significantly reduce stress and increase empathy. Having such a great teacher of love and loyalty in your family can only be good for kids!


Looking after animals is a brilliant way to learn responsibility. Pets need food, exercise, and care on a daily basis! Children can help with these daily requirements regardless of how old they are. Little ones can help out with playing and feeding, whereas older children can take on some of the daily dog walks and other more involved responsibilities.

Healthy Habits

For our pets to function optimally, we need to keep them in good health. This means a healthy diet, regular exercise and trips into the vet when needed. By taking care of a pet, our children can see healthy living in action. We need to look after ourselves in the same manner! Regular dog walks play their part in keeping us in good cardiovascular health, so we're off to a great start!


Being respectful of all life is such an important lesson to learn. Children need to know how to treat their furry friends. Respect is essential for building trusting relationships. Teach your kids not to disturb your pooch while they are eating and sleeping, and show them how to play gently. Your dog will definitely appreciate it, and love them even more because of it!


If your kids can build trust in a relationship with your family pet, it will stand them in good stead for later life. Trust is a tricky thing- it has to be earned and there aren’t any short cuts to it! By playing with and caring for a pet, your children will be developing a trusting relationship with your dog that will help them develop other trusting relationships in their lives.

There's so much that our four legged friends can teach us, and for a lot of us our families just aren't complete without our pets.

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