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Roundwood Pet Hospice and In-home Euthanasia, An Interview with Dr. Emma Clark

Choosing to say goodbye to your furry friend is undoubtedly one of the hardest decisions we as pet owners have to make. Whilst the decision is emotionally taxing, being aware of your options can help you make the right choice for both yourself and your pet. This blog discusses hospice care and in-home euthanasia from our sister company, Roundwood Pet Hospice.

What Is Roundwood Pet Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia?

Roundwood Pet Hospice is an end-of-life care service that offers both hospice and in-home euthanasia. At Roundwood Pet Hospice, the end-of-life specialist veterinarians can not only advise on when to have your pet euthanased, but they can also assess your pet’s quality of life and advise you on ways to manage your pet's problems so they can live comfortably until the end.

The service offers consultations both via telecommunication and in-home visits where a vet can discuss the options for your family and create a plan that is best suited for you.

An Interview With Dr Emma Clark

We interviewed Dr Emma Clark, the lead veterinarian of Roundwood Pet Hospice, here’s what she had to say:

1. What is Roundwood Pet Hospice?

“Pet hospice is the provision of care at the end of a pet’s life to maximise comfort and minimise distress. It takes place in the pet’s home with the main caregiver being the owner under the guidance of veterinary professionals.”

2. Why is it a good alternative option to getting your pet euthanized in a practice?

“Being in a familiar environment with people they trust reduces the stress that can be associated with going into a practice. The owners and their animals can feel more at ease and are able to express their emotions freely. Anxiety levels are reduced and it makes the whole euthanasia experience much more personal.”

3. What location is it available in?

“Currently we operate in North London and the surrounding areas but we are looking to expand where there is a need for our service.”

4. What pets can be euthanised with the service?

“On the whole, we euthanase cats and dogs but we can perform this service for any pet.”

5. What covid measures are in place?

“All our employees are performing lateral flows tests regularly twice a week, they are vaccinated and wear face masks when coming to the property. They will not attend the visit if there is any concern regarding Covid transmission to an owner. If need be the visit can be performed in a well-ventilated area or even outside if preferred.”

Why Choose In-Home Euthanasia?

Although there are no right and wrong decisions when making the choice of where to have your pet euthanised (either at a veterinary practice or in your home), in-home euthanasia can offer a more peaceful goodbye, particularly if your pet is anxious when visiting the vet.

Home euthanasia also allows your pet to be in comfortable familiar surroundings (such as in their favourite bed or with their favourite toy) for their last minutes. Not only can this help your pet feel much more relaxed and calm but it can also be beneficial to you and your family as you are able to say goodbye in privacy.

What Happens During An In-Home Euthanasia Visit:

Our in-home euthanasia services are designed to be as peaceful as possible for your family and pet.

Typically, before euthanasia, the veterinarian will give your pet a short examination and discuss their condition with you. The veterinarian will also explain the euthanasia process so you know what to expect.

During the euthanasia process, the veterinarian will inject your pet with two injections when you are ready. The first injection will ease them gently into a deep sleep, before the final injection which will peacefully end their life. Throughout the process, you will be able to hold your pet and talk to them as they pass. Once the final injection has been administered, the vet will listen to their heart to confirm the passing.

After your pet has passed away, the veterinarian will be there to comfort and offer support as your grieve. Roundwood Pet Hospice also offers to help make a paw impression or clip a lock of hair as a keepsake. The veterinarian would also be offer information about cremation or memorial services to help ease difficult decisions.

Whilst, the euthanasia process is never easy, having the option of in-home appointments can help ease the journey.

We understand how hard of a decision this can be to make, for more information about our hospice care and in-home euthanasia, visit or call us on 0800 049 5944 to discuss your options.


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