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It’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month!

Being a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) is one of the most rewarding but hardest jobs to do both physically and mentally.

RVN’s undertake rigorous training and examinations to become qualified which can take a minimum of two years. They have to continue to keep their qualifications up to date with 15 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) per year.

But what does an RVN do?

  • Preparing animals for operations and performing minor procedures.

  • Calculating medications for your pet.

  • Assisting the vet during operations, preparing equipment and scrubbing in to assist in surgery.

  • Assisting the vet in consultations.

  • Administering and maintaining/ monitoring anaesthetics.

  • Nursing sick animals, pain management, wound management, feeding, and giving medication.

  • Taking X Rays.

  • Carrying out diagnostic tests.

  • Dispensing medication in pharmacy and making sure we have all we need in stock.

  • Taking blood samples and placing catheters.

  • Running a variety of nurse clinics such as nail clips, worming, blood pressure, senior pets, puppy and kitten and dietary advice.

  • Advising owners on the health and welfare of their pets.

  • Taking bookings, payments and completing necessary paperwork.

  • Triaging emergencies.

  • Administering and maintaining intravenous fluid therapy.

  • Caring for your pet whilst they are at the surgery, ensuring they are happy and pain-free and giving lots of TLC.

  • Generally running around after the vets cleaning up after them and making their job generally easier.

RVN’s are like icebergs, working tirelessly behind the scenes. They are highly skilled as they have to be ward nurses, intensive care nurses, night nurses, lab technicians, phlebotomist, pharmacist, radiographer, anaesthetists as well as being kind, caring and compassionate to every patient they see in their day. Being an RVN isn’t a job, it's a life choice and they ride the highs and lows of your pets care and wellbeing with you, being there when your pet needs them the most.

Some nurses are also specialised in fields such as exotic pet care, feline medicine, anaesthesia, emergency and critical care, wound management and dentistry.

We are particularly proud of our nursing team at Roundwoods, with over 26 years of nursing experience between them, they are amazing! Every patient at Roundwood's receives a high standard of care, treating each one as if they were their own, ensuring each patient is as happy, pain and stress-free as possible.

On our nursing team is -

Nicola Roberts RVN (Practice Manager and Head Nurse)

Yasmin McKenna RVN

Emma James RVN

Kenzie Morgen SVN (Student Veterinary Nurse Y1)

Mikayla Templeton VCA (Veterinary Care Assistant)

They are the engine that drives the practice and we really couldn't do without them- which is why there is a whole month dedicated to them!

Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM) happens every year during May. The purpose of VNAM is to spread awareness about what veterinary nurses do in practice. VNAM was originally started by the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) back in 2012, and since then has grown into its own entity entirely!

This year, the theme for VNAM is sustainability. Every week the BVNA is focussing on four key pillars of sustainability: Human, economic, environmental and social.

The BVNA is also hosting various competitions over the month, including:

The Pet Owner Competition - Clients are encouraged to take a photo of their pet and complete the sentence: ‘I love my Veterinary Nurse because…’.

Runners up will receive a £25 Love2Shop voucher and winners will receive one worth £50.00. All Submissions should be emailed to, and abide by the relevant rules and regulations.

So what are you waiting for, get involved today!

Want to keep up with everything that’s going on this month? Check out VNAM’s Facebook page here.


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