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Thank You For Supporting Our Work!

Some days as a vet are easier than others. Like any job, this role has its highs and lows. But the highs for those who work in veterinary teams are very, very high - like when you bring a new puppy into this world or cure a disease.

But the lows can be crushingly low as well; as when a treatment fails, or worse, we have to put a loved pet to sleep. You may not be aware, but the pressure upon vets to succeed every time is huge, and the long hours and demands can become overwhelming. Rates of depression, burnout and even suicide are tragically much higher than in other jobs.

So it is always so heartening to us when we have the chance to read your feedback comments from our monthly client feedback survey. (We regularly score an unprecedented 80+ on client feedback scoring - Apple computers - the most loved brand on earth scores below 70+, so we’re very proud of this.)

The comments you send that accompany the monthly feedback survey are read out at every team meeting and really do give everyone a lift.

So we thought we’d share a couple of them with you today.

“Your knowledge and experience coupled with your professionalism and the compassion for the patients by all the staff is worth every penny I have paid since I registered my beagle with you.

I feel that I have had very good value for money, and my beagle Stanley is a happy and healthy patient. I also enjoy all your blogs and information you send us by email, even if it is not necessarily every time of specific interest to us. Its a very good added on service. It's not only very likely that we will recommend you - we have done so numerous times.

Its amazing how many new dog owners we meet ever so often during our daily walks in Kingsbury. We are very happy to support you as an independent Vet Service; we have had only good experience with you. Top marks: 10 out of 10!!! Thank You.”

Now that makes us feel very, very loved. and Stanley, let me tell you, we love you right back!

Onto another where someone has trusted us to do their pet’s dental work,

“My cat appears to be transformed since some of her teeth were removed. No side effects.”

That’s the benefit of removing pain from a pet’s mouth, they become more energetic and lively within days of treatment. (And they can eat just fone afterwards too!)

But finally, we’ve kept our favourite for last, we are genuinely turning this into our unofficial motto,

“Brilliant service, lovely people, genuinely give a shit.”

We might even have this written into our practice handbook. Because it’s true. The team at Roundwood Vets work hard to give you all a great service. We are a team who like people and each other and we do, genuinely and deeply care that you and your pet get the best care and spend many, many happy long years together. And we happily do our jobs every day, not because they are jobs, but because we believe that a life lived with a pet, is a life lived well.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting our work and sending your kind comments.

Until next time... be safe, well and happy.

Don't forget if you have any pet related queries, you can contact us today on 020 8459 4729.

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