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5 Tips To Check If Your Cat Has A Dental Problem

  1. Check tooth colour. Flip up their lip and take a look at the colour of your cat's teeth.If your pet has nice pearly whites, it’s likely all is well. If they are brown and covered in tartar, thats a problem and you need to see your vet.

  2. Check Gum Colour If the gums are a lovely salmon pink colour, that’s healthy. If they’re brick red and bleed when you touch them gently or your cat reacts like it’s in pain, then there’s a problem and you should see your vet.

  3. Sewer Breath Does your pet have sewer breath? If you struggle to get your nose near your cat’s mouth without recoiling in horror, there’s probably some sign of infection in there.

  4. Eating Differently Is your cat struggling to eat their food or eating differently? Do they chew on one side of their mouth, or not eat their hard biscuits any more? If that’s the case, please book an appointment.

  5. Behaviour Change The final tip as to whether your pet might be suffering with dental disease is a change in behaviour. Typically, we see this as older animals slowing down. If your cat is over 7 years of age and this is happening, there’s definitely a problem because animals don’t slow down like this until much much older if everything is well. Dental disease is the number one reason this happens. If you treat it, they speed up like puppies and kittens again! These are my 5 tips! If you find any of those things, simply by flipping up your cat’s lip, here’s what to do: take advantage of our free dental checkup just call us today on 020 8459 4729 or book using our online form via the link below with one of our veterinary dental experts! Or you can fill out the form for a free dental health check by clicking the link below:

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