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Dental disease affects 80% of cats over the age of three years. Here's why Roundwood Vets are the best choice to fix this problem:

  • Our vets have further training in dentistry.

  • We use Xrays as standard to find problems others miss.

  • Our dental treatments begin at just £150.

  • Our team are friendly and compassionate.

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What our Clients Say


"I was extremely happy having Max treated so quickly and being kept informed about what was happening. I am very happy with Roundwood Vets especially the follow-up treatment."

Sam Fekri

"I would highly recommend Roundwood Vets and would not hesitate to ask them for any advice. The team is so welcoming and super friendly, just like you're hanging out with your pals."



"Roundwood Vets are amazing and have the most caring professionals, who try their best to help my pets. They cannot be in a better hands, I am really happy."

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