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Kitten Update!

As you may remember, in November Roundwood Vets became the temporary home of six vulnerable kittens, as they were found in a plastic bag in the Grand Union Canal.

Read how, with the help of the dedicated team at Roundwoods, these kittens went from barely alive to thriving - and causing as much kitten chaos as they go!

The tiny kittens on arrival

A tentative start to life

On a cold, dreary November morning, David and Francis of Friends of Grand Union Canal were out litter-picking in North London. When they came across a Morrison’s plastic bag floating in the canal, however, they immediately called Roundwood Vets in Willesden for assistance. To their surprise, nestled in the plastic bag were six wet kittens.

Sadly, one of the kittens, who had inhaled a large amount of water into their lungs, was too weak to make it through.

However, despite the difficulty of hand rearing kittens, the Roundwood team nursed five kittens to health. They were given round the clock care, with Nikki even taking them home for night time feeds!

The kittens could be bottle fed at two weeks old

Introducing...Sneezy, Dickie, Mouse, Rona and Medusa!

We have had countless calls and messages from you about the progression of these adorable kittens and whether they have found homes yet.

Safe to say, after all of that love and care given in the early stages of life, the Roundwood team simply could not part with them!

As you can see, Sneezy, Dickie, Mouse, Rona and Medusa are being looked after like royalty by their new families...and they seem to be doing just fine!

Looking at these images now, of this group of healthy, happy kittens, it is so hard to imagine the awful start they had in life. In fact, they are very lucky to be alive. If it weren’t for David and Francis of Friends of Grand Union Canal who found them, and the diligent care of the Roundwood team, the kittens could have suffered a very different fate.

“They’ve gone from discarded in a plastic bag to thriving, playful pets!”

“They’re causing kitten chaos!” every playful young kitten should be!

This is a heartwarming story, not least for the commitment of the team at Roundwood, but because these kittens have shown themselves to be little fighters! Only a month ago, their survival was uncertain - but now, they are stronger than ever and living in loving homes.

We are so grateful for your interest in this story. If you’d like further updates (and cute pictures!) then be sure to follow our Instagram page here:


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