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Tasks for Roundwood Vets EMS Application.


Please complete the following tasks within the next 48 hours in order to be considered for the EMS placement at Roundwood Vets. 


Task 1: Female Dog Neuter Discharge Notes For Clients


You have just completed a neutering procedure on a female dog. Please write some discharge instructions that will be given to the client at their discharge appointment. When completed please send your answers back via email with the other completed responses.


Task 2: Video Diary


Create a video clip less than 2 minutes long that explains why you would be a great person to have at the practice as part of the EMS program.



When complete send both of your task answers back to to be considered further for the program.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort. :)


Dr Dave, Dr Jo and the entire team at Roundwood Vets.

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