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Congratulations on getting your puppy!

Let's get started training your puppy the right way today. 

From the moment your puppy comes home the clock is ticking. You have until approximately 16 weeks of age to teach your puppy good habits that will help it to be a great dog. 

Begin by teaching your puppy good habits from the first day she comes home. 

One of the most common questions new puppy owners have is how to toilet train their new family member. Many people also worry about preventing their puppy from chewing and damaging their home. 

To combat this your puppy's living quarters need to be designed so that housetraining and chew-toy training is optimal.


It is unreasonable to expect your new dog to know where to wee and poop without guidance. Also, they will need training on what is appropriate to chew and what is not. It’s down to you to teach them these important basic lessons. 

Sadly, dogs don’t speak English and no matter how loud we scream the same thing over and over again, they still don’t understand a word you are saying. So before your new puppy can be trusted to have the run of the house, somebody must teach the house rules. And that somebody is you. This short email course will help you learn the language and techniques required to turn your puppy into a well-trained dog, fast.

What you'll learn with each email you receive:

Session 1: How to start toilet training 

It takes a long time to toilet train a baby, yet we expect our puppies to do it in a few weeks. Some dog owners solve the problem within weeks, others battle for months. There are no magic remedies but there are some tricks to bring about faster results. In this lesson, you'll learn our favourite tips to get you off to the fastest start.

Lesson 2: How to teach your puppy its name 

We often name our dog and then expect them to look at us and magically guess what we want them to do whenever we call their name. To teach them to look at you when you call their name try these steps.

Lesson 3: What to do about growling

Growling is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood expressions in dogs. Growling or snarling is not evil and doesn’t necessarily always mean a dog is unfriendly. It’s a warning! Learn why growling isn't a bad thing and why you should learn what it means. 

Lesson 4: Teaching your puppy not to jump up on people

In our training sessions, we are often asked to fix a dog's jumping obsession when greeting people. A bouncy ball dog is not a lot of fun, so in this lesson, we'll teach you how to avoid a dog that jumps all over people when they meet.

Your free puppy email course is just one click away

To register for the course today, just type your details into the box below and click the yellow button below, we'll automatically send you the email series and you can get started training your new puppy straight away. 

(Please remember to check your spam folders and add our email address to your safe sender's list if the emails don't make it through to your inbox.)

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