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Client Care Team Member Job Application  - Skills Quiz Questions


Here you will find details of the tasks we have set up to allow you to demonstrate your ability to perform some of the activities involved in doing the role of Client Care Superstar.

There are three tasks. Please complete the instructions associated with each one. All task answers should be sent back to

Once you have completed the skill quizzes we will assess your responses and get in touch to let you know if you have successfully completed them.

If you are uncertain of how to proceed then contact

Good luck,

The Roundwood Vets Team.




Task 1: Vaccination Letter


Please download and follow the instructions contained within the excel spreadsheet to complete the mail merge.





Task 2: Cashing Up Task - Please download and follow the instructions contained within the task files. Once you have completed the end of day banking reconciliation please send back to the email address specified in the document.


Task 3: Phone Skills - You are acting as part of our client care team and you must call a client to remind them that their pet is due for its annual vaccination. The client's telephone number is 020 8133 6155, please call them, and if they do not answer then leave a message for them so they understand what they must do next to keep their pet healthy and safe from disease.

When completed both of the written skill quizzes and completed your call, please email your responses back to to be considered further. 

Good luck, and thank you in advance for your time and effort. :)


The Roundwood Vets Team.

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