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Vet Nurse Unicorn (VNU) Required For Practice in NW London - Part Time Role

Are you one of those amazing nurses (we call them unicorns) who proactively run their day, with compassion for the animals, and keep everyone around you smiling?


Do you have other commitments in your life that mean a role where you can work from 10-2pm each day would suit? 


Do you like using protocols and checklists, so things run smoothly?


Do you want to do your work in a busy, yet happy and efficient, practice where your work is recognised and valued?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions please read on…

About Us

Roundwood Vets exists to support and enrich the lives of the pets, families and the community we serve. We’ve been on quite a journey since taking over the practice five years ago when there was just one vet and nurse! Since then we’ve more than quadrupled in size and over the next four years, we plan to do the same again in some very innovative ways. Our objective is to serve more than 3000 families each year across London using a mixture of old and new methods of delivering healthcare - all blended together.


This means there are going to be lots of exciting opportunities for our nursing team to do really meaningful and diverse work - from working as a theatre nurse, to running clinics, to helping to build our educational library and implementing our training and development program.

For example, we’re investing in technology to help improve standards of care but also in improving the way we communicate with and reach pets and their families in the community. We see our nurses having a huge role to play in creating and running this kind of service. We also employ care assistants so you are free to do the things only registered nurses can do. 


A year ago we were in the process of rebuilding a team to fit our new vision. This year, we are well on the way and now need to increase the nursing team so we keep our patients safe and our team happy and healthy too!

One of our plans for this year is to implement an “employee ownership model” so the people who contribute so much of their lives to working in the practice can get a share of the success. Because let’s face it, we all put so much on the line to do this job, there really should be better rewards. When so many others are selling out to corporations, we think a co-operative model is the way forward in helping to preserve our culture and make sure everyone benefits in the long run. To that end, we are launching a share scheme for all staff in addition to our generous salary and rewards package.

Alongside the investment we’ve made in reshaping the team, we’ve also invested heavily during COVID in systems and equipment to further enhance our standards of care. And we’re growing - not in the crazy way that others seem to have grown in the puppy-pandemic, but in an intentional and planned way. We’re busy, but not overwhelmed and we mean to keep it that way! (That’s why we’re hiring.)


In terms of what we are like as a clinical practice, we think of ourselves as being a bit like a family doctor. We are definitely here to help the local community and their pets. We believe in giving clients the time and attention they need to make good decisions for their pets and in building strong relationships with clients and each other. We are also selective about what clients we work with and we have an excellent client base as a result of this care.

Hopefully the message we’re getting across is that we have a clear vision,  believe in growth opportunities and a better life for our people, all of whom we want to thrive and be rewarded as we bring our vision to life.

About You

You’ll be a qualified veterinary nurse with at least a year of experience in small animal practice. You’ll appreciate being part of and contributing to a team that enjoys working together as well as playing together, well - sort of - we will when COVID19 allows. (Fingers crossed, not long now!)

At work you’ll be someone who enjoys the interaction with people, you’ll also be really good at handling multiple things happening at once. In fact, you are occasionally mistaken for an octopus because you simply must have eight arms in order to work the brilliant way you do!

You’ll be a fan of checklists because they help you to get everything done and you pride yourself on working to a high standard whether that’s clinically or hygienically.

You love being a vet nurse. And the best thing in the world is seeing that sick pet eating again as a result of your effort, or the moment a puppy enters the building and seeing the wagging tail, or the joy of a pet reunited with its owner following surgery.

There are a few other things that matter to you in your work, these are things like conscientiousness, honesty, teamwork, fun, kindness, growing & learning. These things also matter a great deal to us, so we’ll probably get along well if so.

Key Duties


OK, this is a pretty unusual role because it will be a perfect fit for you if you are someone with other important commitments away from vet med. Our busiest period is during the day as we are running our theatres and midday clinics, so we need someone to work from 10am - 2pm each day and help us navigate this period of the day. Hustle the vets along, keep things flowing well…. You know the score! If you can work occasional Saturdays then even better.

You will need to be prepared for operations, give safe, reliable care of the animals before, during and after procedures and make sure all instruments, materials and drugs are prepared and ready for use for each op.

You will need to ensure animals are kept under control and are prepared, ready for procedures. This includes keeping all animals safe and healthy before, during and after procedures, restraining animals so that the vet has the required access and, very importantly, that the animal is comfortable. (No need to worry about the vets, they can take care of themselves).

We like our patients to wake up safely after each procedure so you will be responsible for ensuring anaesthetics are carried out safely.

It will also be part of your duties to keep any infections contained and make sure all areas, equipment and material are kept clean.

You will need to make sure the equipment here is ready for use and in good working order.

You will need to learn and follow our existing protocols but also ask questions of and improve these over time.  The protocols we have exist to make sure that things happen smoothly and on time, we keep our patients and staff safe and we give our patients the things they need when they need them. So they are important, but are not set in stone and should be updated as better ways of working are discovered.

You will need to be able to enter data into our practice management system and keep it up to date and accurate so we do not make mistakes or let our clients down.


We like our clients to know how their pets are after a procedure, and you will be responsible for making sure that they get that information.

We are especially passionate about developing our people. So, you will get plenty of training in all this so that you can improve your skills over the years. And we will want to make sure you have a development plan in place to help you grow. 


Finally, it is essential that you love what you do and like to have fun doing it.

To be considered for this role you must:

  • Be an RVN.

  • Have a pointy horn growing from your forehead.

  • Have an extreme love of galloping hard under rainbows.

In return for being a part of this team for 20 hours each week, we offer a great package including:

  • Base salary negotiable based on your experience 

  • Travel contribution

  • Medical health insurance

  • CPD budget (unlimited by agreement)

  • Perkbox membership

  • Discounted pet care package

  • Profit share bonus!

  • Employee share options scheme (launching from September).



If you’ve managed to read all this and you are still interested plus your unicorn hooves are not a dreadful impediment to typing, then email your CV and cover letter to Dr Dave Nicol at the Roundwood Vets Unicorn Recruitment Department email address


We look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Watch an example of how we like to work


"The treatment that we got for Ace was brilliant. The team kept us informed at all times and the friendly atmosphere of the practice also gave us a lot of confidence that we made the right choice"


“Everyone in the lovely Roundwood Vets team is so warm and conscientious. I’m so impressed with the care and treatment they’ve provided for my nervous rescue dog”

Whiskey benjamin

"Dr Hannah and her team are the most caring professionals, my pets cannot be in better hands."

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