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Our Nurse Clinic

Did you know at Roundwood vets we offer nurse clinics during our usual opening hours? Nurse clinics are a great way to get advice about preventative care and general information about welfare and enrichment for your companion. Read more to learn what we offer during nurse clinics and how they can help.

What Are Nurse Clinics?

We understand that having a companion animal can be overwhelming, especially if they have not been very well. This is why at Roundwood we offer nurse clinics in tandem to usual veterinary appointments.

Nurse clinics offer an alternative model of care to veterinarians which can provide additional support, advice and checkups. At Roundwood, all our nurses are registered with the Royal Veterinary College and more than qualified to provide the care your pet needs.

We aim to help each animal with their individual needs and treat them as if they were our own. Nurse clinics offer a more personal chat about your animal and their welfare. By spending much of their time getting to know each animal, Nurses can help make sure your pet is getting the enrichment and care they need.

What Nurse Clinics Offer:

Unlike appointments with a vet, which often happen when your pet is unwell, our nurse clinics can assist with more preventative care to avoid diseases that require help from a veterinary surgeon.

At our nurse clinics, we offer minor procedures such as:

  • Nail clipping

  • Microchipping

  • *Anal gland expression

Nurse clinics also offer general checkups, for example:

  • Weighing your pet

  • Administering worming and flea treatment

  • Second vaccinations when the first vaccine has been given by our vet.

  • Postoperative checks and suture removals

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Blood sampling

At Roundwood, we also offer specific nurse clinics for weight management and socialisation to help get your companion more used to coming to the vets and feeling comfortable here.


Microchipping is a legal requirement for dogs, it is not for cats but we do recommend it. Here at Roundwood one of our qualified nurses can carry out this service for you.

Weigh and Worm/Flea Clinics

If you do not have scales at home for your new puppy or kitten and are having trouble administering the medication, do not hesitate to book in with one of our nurses for some help. Flea and worm treatments are altered depending on each animal’s weight, we can help you with that.

Anal Gland Expression

*Once referred to this clinic by a veterinary surgeon, a nurse can express anal glands and make your pet feel more comfortable. If you are unsure of the signs of when your pets anal glands need to be expressed a nurse would happily discuss things to look for.

Post-Operative Care Clinic

After surgery, there can be a lot of information to take in. At our post-operative care clinics, nurses can follow up on veterinary procedures that may need wound dressings, bandage changing and suture removal as well as help make sure you are doing the best you can to get your pet well again. Nurses can also ensure that the wounds are healing correctly and that the patient is recovering from the procedure.

Weight Management Clinics

These clinics help combat any issues to do with the weight of your pet whether they are underweight or overweight. Obesity is a very common problem and this can cause issues down the line such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. Our nurses can give the best advice on how your pets can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.

To learn more about battling obesity, click here.

Blood Pressure Checks

Some patients can suffer from high or low blood pressure due to an illness and may require monitoring and medication. Our nurses can do regular blood pressure checks on these pets in our clinic using our blood pressure machines.

Socialisation Clinics

These clinics can help nervous dogs and owners too. Coming to the vets can be a stressful time, therefore we want to make it an enjoyable experience for them. In these sessions, we aim to build up their confidence, get them used to the clinic and make them feel safe. Even if it's just for just a sniff around and loads of treats, with time we aim to make them feel like we are their friends.

To learn more about our socialisation clinics, click here.

Benefits of Nurse Clinics:

Aforementioned, nurse clinics can help with preventative care to help keep your pet healthy and avoid illness.

Nurse clinics can also offer a more personalised discussion from a healthcare provider which short appointments with a vet cannot offer. At our nurse clinics, our nurses are happy to talk through any concerns or advice you may require.

To book your appointment at the nurse clinic, click the link:


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