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New Puppy Care 

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Roundwood Vets we love puppies and want to make sure we help you get off to the best possible start with yours. So we've put together some resources which you may have access to so you can educate yourself to become a great relationship with your new dog.

Our hope is that you'll read this information and know that you've found a vet who cares about your puppy as much as you do. If so then perhaps you'll pick up the phone and book in to see us for those all important vaccines and wellness check up. But even if you are not local to us please, read and enjoy the information with our best wishes.

The best place to start is with our puppy care book below. Enjoy.

Get Your copy of Dr Hannah's new book 'Puppy Dog Tails'

Getting a new puppy? If so, then Dr Hannah's new training book will help you decide on the right dog for your family, help you understand your puppy's crazy behaviour and set you up with the very best in professional training advice. It's an essential survival guide for all new dog owners that will make the first few weeks of life your new four legged friend a dream.

Click here to get your copy for just £1 (covering the postage and packing.)

All new puppy owners registering with Roundwood Vets or entering our puppy school will receive a free copy. To register then call us on 02084594729.

If you cannot attend the practice, but would still like a copy then please just call us on 020 8459 4729 and for £5.00 we'll send you a copy to your home address.

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