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Get your free copy of Dr Dave's eBook 'Live Forever'


Do you want your pet to live year longer and have fewer trips to the vet unwell?

Want to reduce the chances of deadly cancer in your dog?

How about dodging diabetes in your cat?

And there's the small matter of all those expensive vet bills you have to pay when your pet gets sick.

The case for proactive pet health care is overwhelming and in Live Forever, Dr Dave boils away all the fluff and nonsense to give you an easy to read, practical and action-oriented book that will help your pet live a better life.

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Download LF Ebook

Topics in this ebook:

- Preventing parasites

- Why the pet food you choose is the biggest decision you'll make

- Dental care - myths busted and practical tips

- Vaccinations - friend or foe?

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Chapter 1:

Preventing parasites

Did you know that London has one of the world's most deadly pet parasites and each day dogs die from this in the UK? Yet no-one s talking about it. Find out more in this chapter.

Chapter 3:
Dental care myths and tips

Do bones help teeth? How likely is your pet to suffer dental pain. How can you stop the problem. - Follow the advice in this chapter alone to add and estimated two years of extra life for your pet.

Chapter 2:
Importance of pet food

You are what you eat. But there is a huge amount of misinformation and junk food on the supermarket shelves. Find out what to feed for a happy healthy life and help your pet life for 24 months longer than if it gets fed poor pet food.

Chapter 4:
Vaccinations - friend or foe?

Vaccinations get a lot of bad press... so are they good or bad. Find out in this chapter.

Get a distillation of Dr Dave's fantastic knowledge, packed with great tips and information to help your pet live a happy, healthy life. Download your free copy of the 'Live Forever' ebook by filling out the form above.

If you want your pet to live a happy, health life, give us call on 02084594729 to discuss a tailored pet health plan with one of our friendly, professional vets. 

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