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Get your free copy of Dr Dave's Ebook 'Puppy Dog Tails'

Getting a new puppy? If so, then Dr Dave's new training book will help you decide on the right dog for your family, help you understand your puppy's crazy behaviour and set you up with the very best in professional training advice. It's an essential survival guide for all new dog owners that will make the first few weeks of life your new four legged friend a dream.

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Download Puppy Tails Ebook

topics in this ebook:

- Choosing the right puppy for you

- Getting ready for your puppy

- Training and socialising

- Potty training

- Teething and biting

- Healthcare

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If you have just collected your puppy, call us on 02084594729 to book your free, 48-hour post-purchase health check-up with one of our friendly, professional vets. 

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