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Dealing With a dog bite

PATIENT: deidre

PROBLEM: dog bite

Deidre, a middle-aged lurcher, experienced a severe bite injury to her thigh following an altercation with another dog in the park. This unfortunate incident necessitated immediate medical attention. Initially assessed by an out-of-hours service, it soon became evident that Deidre's injury was both complex and extensive, rendering traditional bandaging techniques ineffective due to the awkward shape and high mobility of the affected area. Furthermore, the severity of the wound excluded the possibility of surgical repair, necessitating a unique and dedicated approach to her care.

Deidre Leg Injury 2.JPG

What we did to fix the problem

Upon Deidre's arrival at our facility the day following her injury, our team undertook a thorough evaluation. Recognising standard treatment methods might not be suitable, we opted for an innovative approach to ensure Deidre's comfort and recovery. Deidre was administered an anaesthetic to allow for a comprehensive cleaning of the wound and the placement of anchor sutures, laying the groundwork for a tailored bandaging solution.

Central to Deidre's recovery was the nurse-led care she received, highlighting the dedication and expertise of our nursing staff. Initially, Deidre required visits to our nursing team every other day, which later transitioned to twice-weekly check-ins. During these visits, our nurses performed critical tasks including flushing, cleaning, and redressing the wound, ensuring optimal conditions for healing.

Deidre Healing Process 2.jpg

What did the Doctor say

Ace was a star and very relaxed about the whole thing. When his family reported to me that he was eating much better after the surgery, this confirmed what I knew from the Xray, that these infected teeth were hurting him - he was just being very brave - Dr. Hannah Parkin

What did the pet owner say

The care from Roundwood was more than excellent , I cannot praise all of them enough. And Deirdre actually loved going there and trotted in happily which says it all . Her injury was traumatic for both of us and a frustrating 6 weeks of her with a cone and vet visits every few days .  However from the start I could sense the best care possible and could see that she was healing well. I now feel I have my dog back and she is happier although unfortunately she has lost a lot of her confidence outside.

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